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Property Solicitators Services in London

Date Added: February 10, 2015 05:51:29 AM
Author: Nicky Siloha
Category: Real Estate

Property laws of every country are always a bit complicated for the general people to understand. May it be succession or mutual partition of property; in india the matters require proper knowledge, the absence of which, can change the entire look of a case. However, matters are quite different in london. Possession of multi property or general casual transfer of property find no place in their law. Every property has its single owner, after the death of which his legal heirs have no say over it as part of casual transfer of property as e have in India. The rule of single possession of property is the distinguished feature of the property laws in London. A person has neither any say not any claim over the property of his or her parents. Houses are given to people for residential or commercial use under a permission acquired from the Government for a certain time period; somewhat like the way of taking lease in our country. The permission extends for couple of days to certain years. However, the purpose of holding the property is required to be mentioned and used only in accordance to it. Using the property in any other way different to that mentioned in the permission is illegal. A person also does not possess any of the furnitures of the house. Once the permission is granted, a full furnished house is given to the people for their stay or commercial use, as the case may be. After the expiry of the term of stay, either the permission has to be renewed, or the house has to be changed thereby seeking a new permission. But there is no transfer of property or its possession. The law relating to multiple property also has no place in London. A single person is allotted a single property for residential use. This is also the case if the purpose is commercial. Possesson of a single residential house and one for commercial purpose is the law of the land for a single person. No law of transfer of property is present in the country as the permission sought by one person dissolves upon his or her death. Further, no property can be let to tenants as the possessor themselves do not have any right of acquisition over them. No lease other than that taken by the person directly from the Government is valid in the country. Before taking of permission the purpose for which the concerned property will be used, has to be clearly stated on the grant papers. For those who have migrated in the country, proof of their being valid citizens of the country is a must along with their biometric information certificate, which shows their physical features so as to identify them. If either of these misses out they will not be granted the permission to hold property and reside in the country. Apart from residing with a lease, a person can also buy property in London. But here again, multiple possession is not allowed. In order to buy a new property the person has to sell the previous one or else the new transaction will be termed as illegal. When a person is intending to buy a property in London, he or she, must acuire Energy Efficiency Certificate, which is availed free of any charges. This certificate gives an information about the energy that would be used in a property using ratings. This energy would be used up for water, electricity ,cooking and other similar activities. Trading standards can change with a penalty of 200 euro per dwelling where an EPC is not provided. Where a ' Green Deal' plan on a property for which payments are to be given exists, such has to be mentioned in the EPC. Such a certificate is valid for ten years and can be used for multiple times during this period. The property laws in London are very complex and complicated. Thus for better understanding it and getting all the initial requirements fulfilled, advice from the Property solicitors London is very important. They are the ones who guide their clients in getting all the legal procedures done and permissions granted. Furthermore, certain certificates can be received only through the Property solicitors London and also their attestation is required for their for stating them to be correct and valid. Solicitors can be hired from associations, as well as private practitioners can be taken help. Kinsley Solicitors; Bank Side Property Solicitors; are examples among the numerous others who provide help and assistance to the general public relating property related matters.