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Getting well informed from The Academy of Fashion Professions

Date Added: March 01, 2015 11:10:34 PM
Author: Jerald Gudgell
Category: Computers and Internet

The Academy of Fashion Professions ( us a Fashion Design institute in Singapore that provides a diversity of design programmes and fashion lessons. It is also the guiding arm of the Textile & Fashion Federation (TaF.f). It is currently now the first enduring education and training centre for the industry of textile and fashion in Singapore. It possesses the objective of taking the leading skill developer in the global fashion industry too. Over at our centre, we provide specially designed classes and programmes to arrange our fashion pupils for a innovative career in this exceedingly comparative fashion commerce as well as to support commerce authorities to develop their ability and specialise in specific parts. We have also collaborated with WDA to train two qualified lessons that offer severe guidance and internship occasions for those who are finding for a local role or around the world. There is a number of design classes and fashion lessons that interested people may get from. They are from merchandising and marketing, design and product development, industrial engineering, quality and production as well as footwear design and product development. From all the design and fashion modules we offer in our Fashion School here in Singapore, students can be ensured that they will be able to graduate with a Diploma In Fashion Technology. Our current and overseas fashion unit informs the public that we can supply excellent, continuously updated services, which can enable this Fashion school in Singapore to stay in line with great worldwide and worldwide fashion industry gauge. All the training lessons that comes with the footwear design courses, shoes design courses, fashion courses and marketing development courses allows ample supply of skills and experiences for students from the other modules which would absolutely prepare them in several forms in the fashion field. Visit our site for more information: Footwear Design Courses, Diploma in Fashion Technology, Design Programmes in Singapore.