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Tired of simple food in the usual restaurants in Singapore?

Date Added: March 01, 2015 11:42:08 PM
Author: Jerald Gudgell
Category: News

Tired of simple food in the usual restaurants in Singapore? searching for only the best romantic restaurant in Singapore for a successful alfresco dining date to enjoy the mood? There's just so many Singapore restaurants to consider, how could you ever decide on the correct choice? No problem, just come on down to UNA. UNA is a trestaurant in Singapore with a twist. We believe that we are the Spanish restaurant that will fulfill your hunger needs Whether it's paella, tapas, suckling pig, spanish food and much more, UNA's chef, the renown Jean-Philippe Patruno is dedicated to bringing the distinctive home-styled Mediterranean taste of Spanish cuisine to your mouth! With our attractive garden dining area, there can be no better place to have a date, have an alfresco dining meal or simply have a sunday brunch in Singapore. The verdict is out - we serve the best paella in Singapore, the best tapas you can find in this good old country called Singapore. But UNA is not just a place for the consumption of mouth-watering food! Right on level 2 is our Tapas bar and wine bar with our excellent variety of alcohol, mixers and cocktails! We're always providing great deals such as Happy Hour and One for One dining, so whether it's lunch, brunch or dinner in Singapore, we'll satiate your hunger. Whether you're seeking for brunch (especially Sunday brunch) or a wine bar in Singapore, we handle it both! Enjoy the freshness of a Tapas restaurant and bar right in the comforts of Singapore! Give in to the indulgement of fine Singapore dining, your tummy will thank you for it! Visit their site for additional information: Tapas, Tapas Bar, Tapas Bar Singapore.